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Love's Imprint
I still find myself bleeding over the wound you left me, three years later. Some days you are the dull in my fingertips, others you are my inability to look a man in the eye. But mostly, you are my constant distrust. My body no longer feels set ablaze passing by your house, or hearing your name. But my mind remains bruised, even with years to heal and countless short-lived remedies. I've tried the pills, pot, liquor, and even flimsy lovers, but my friends still manage to say they miss the old me. The me that you took away. And between trying to still recollect the shatters of my heart and mind, I can't seem to find her either. No one told me love would do this to me, no one managed to tell me what happens after. If I knew what I did now, I would of saved whatever remaining sanity I had and left.
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Lost and Found
He has prayed as much
as he said "I love you"
in both cases
they were inaudible
Occasionally you can hear him
when he traces the outline of you
similar to the way
a stroke induced December
remembers to speak spring
like he's seen you before in his dreams
You can hear him
when his eyes linger at your smile
as if he could find faith
from your light
trapped, imbedded in insecurity
his way is a broken record even the deaf could listen to
He will not say I love you
not because he doesn't
but because you can not hear a man
you have yet to meet
but when you do, oh god, you will be brutally aware
Because with love like his
you could drown twice
and not want to come up for air
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After Taste
Lately I've felt 2AM
more as an emotion
and less as a time
my heart thickens
but not with love,
with alcohol
(one day I'll drown you out of me)
He became every letter
he hid within my ink
and slept in the cracks of my fingernails
I only see him
I'll write another song he wont hear
and trace the outline
of where he
laid his hands last
How sad is it
to be this young
and wish for death
when we see the stars?
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Every car from far away
looks like yours
and I'm not quite sure
if I should stay and wave
or run the other way
because everything with you was bittersweet
and I don't know what to call you
my heart says you were mine
(my brain knows I wasn't the only one)
so I'm stuck with tasting
but never eating
I still see you in everything
in this old love song
in his face
on every street corner
I'm plagued by the thought of you
so tonight I'm dressed up real nice
to go on a date with a real nice boy
who brang me my favorite flowers
and says all the right things
(but he'll never be you)
and I'm trying to erase our memories
(but they're all written in pen)
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I feel it
clawing at my skin
digging at my veins
it's everywhere
underneath the fabric of my nails
my skin crawling as its canvas
the teeth gnawing at my legs
I am a sinking ship (by my own destruction)
cast away the life boats
but will always
be stuck out at sea
so lonely but has many friends
so unhappy all I am are scars
numb to affection
except to the feelings that kill me
I am breaking
I'm so sorry Mom Dad Ian myself
:iconbathroomstallstories:BathroomStallStories 60 38
Love Makes Us Cold
he was a boy
driving in the Daytona 500

and just when you
think he's about to slow down
for you to climb in
he drops his motor to
a whisper
and tells you
"I'm sorry that I love you."
and speeds away
while your palms are  
into the door
your knees drag against
the road
because you scraped your knees
falling for him
I can't let go and you can't hold on
and I
banged on the glass
"let me in!"
but you
shook your head
"you'll only get hurt."
and then I release,
tossed in a ditch
only half way to my home
are you afraid of me or love?
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Please Don't Go
"We put things in the ground to grow"
I said
I sat at a park
with my cane at my side
fingers dancing
along the frame
of my leg
when a girl
with me
"Then why do we bury people?"
I shot a glance
towards my feet
and looked
at her bright ruby
tap your shoes three times and say
you want to go home

"so that they can grow."
I looked at her,
her hand
and handing
out breadcrumbs
deep in thought.
"Why would they need to grow when they're dead?"
my eyebrows
crinkled at the question
then I spoke
"a seed starts from the ground, but unlike that, that is where we end. We grow for our death to become real to others."
the girl smiled
and then grasped
for my hand
but it
fell through
I am her grandfather
I am a ghost.
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First Impressions
I remember the first time I met her
a tower of books tucked under her chin
glasses sliding down her nose
that she wiggled like a hare's
I helped her carry the tower
to her brother's truck
him ever so persistent to return home
and her just happy to escape into literature
she slumped into the seat
the tower resting at her bare toes
she stuck out her hand
and told me her name
and laughed at the common of it
she would be a freshman after summer
same as me
her brother still urgent
had the engine roar to life
and drive away
her hand waving at me
with a broad smile bubbling over
that danced for me
and all I could think was
Love at first sight is real.
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Let This Heaven Burn You
"where is your heaven?"the man spat coldly."Where is it if we can't touch it?" he snickered and coughed out those many years of cigarettes. He started puffing another pack. I hoped he choked on those embers. My eyes rested at my feet, searching for an answer to grab me, but none did. He was growing restless yet satisfied with the entangling silence, "I was right, kids so caught up in questions they give no answers." my eyes rose to see a smug expression radiating off of him like poison; he was the lost that still won. "You going to say something?" he licked his reptile lips in amusement. "Whatever." he scoffed in a tired tone. He started walking away into the darker depths of the ally.
"It is where the sunflowers lie." I spoke barely above a whisper, my eyes followed him, he stopped.
"What did you say?" his shoulders hunched up as if pulled by a puppeteer, still facing away from me.
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The Sunset at Morning
She was the beauty,
the grace,
and danced down the hall
with calloused feet.
She spoke with pungent
words and tart truths,
all softened by her curve
that shone white
like a hyena's grin
A friend she had many,
a true one would be none,
for she built this shell around her,
made for building,
not for falling down.
:iconbathroomstallstories:BathroomStallStories 24 25


You only fly for a little while
She was just four years old
kicking her feet
harder and harder,
as the swingset creaked
and cracked
She finally reached the peak,
jumped off,
and said,
"Mama, I'm gonna fly."
and so she did;
three feet into the air,
sticking the landing
like a gymnast
And I wonder everyday
if those were the same words
she muttered
before jumping off that bridge,
unable to remember,
you only fly for a little while.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 889 356
Features 2.0
Its been a long time since I've been on dA. I've been ill, busy, then ill again, then short on cash, and finally ill once more, just in time summer. Thankfully I finally have a month off. Its time to take a nice deep breath, and enjoy the sunshine, do some writing...and enjoy these beautiful works down below.
Thank you guys for being so wonderful. :heart:

I misspelled our love, and that's where we went... by Nullibicitythe definition of danger by Lissomer
Paper Towns by FlickeringCandleweighted down by MisfitableGraeIn Time by hypermagicalLost and Found by BathroomStallStories
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 17 27
The Coffee God
The Coffee God behind the counter shuffles foot to foot, a dance of steam and espresso.  Black painted fingernails, inch gauged ears and a gray striped sweatshirt, hood crooked on his back.  There's a cigarette tucked behind one ear; it bobs and twitches with each step.
“Non-fat caramel latte,” he calls, just as he always does, part of a spell, part of a mantra, toneless (just a tuck at the end).  I reach.  He looks up.
The espresso maker hisses.
There's something like a grin, something like a spark, something like a shared secret linked eye to eye.  When he passes over the drink (rough cardboard sleeve hot to the touch), he lingers.  Our fingers brush, a shiver, a jolt, a ten-watt shock.
The Coffee God tilts his chin, shouts, “Hey, mind if I take my break now?”
and ducks around the counter without waiting for a reply.
He slips his cigarette between his lips without taking his eyes from mine.  I follow him out the door.
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 200 132
there’s this picture of some rooftops in new york
and over the rooftops there’s this rainbow
like a question mark lying on its side like it’s not even sure
that it should be a rainbow, it’s like when you exhale by accident really
softly on birthday candles and the flames ripple a little and everyone
thinks you made your wish even though it was just
a mistake, it’s a rainbow like that, like it happened
by mistake
and the picture reminds me of this one day when i was
looking out the window of ms. azeglio’s office when i was fifteen
as she talked on and on without
saying anything, talked about fixing me i
watched out the window and there wasn’t a rainbow not like
there is in the picture but there almost could have been one because
someone had let out balloons and they
kept going up all different colors too with their ribbons beckoning
and ms. azeglio she turned
her head to the window at one point and she saw
a yellow balloon floating up there by
:iconaquarius-claire:Aquarius-Claire 140 48
you have seven days to live.
1.the news doesn't hurt:
it's his eyes that hurt you,
the glimmer of his past
creeping in just like
his father used to creep in
at three a.m.
with a sin on his mind
and rage on his hands.
he waits for you to react,
but you don't
because he's suddenly seven again,
hiding bruises
while mommy cries
in a ball on the couch. think time
is a funny thing.
people talk about it
like it is an object:
"I need more time," they say,
like they will go to the store later
and buy more.
but you know that time
is more like an ocean wave,
with an endless
pounding that continues
long after we greet the dirt,
and we want more time,
but time doesn't want us.
3.he tries to force you
into his wrists,
his ankles, his collarbone.
he thinks that if he
loves you enough,
he can save you.
you know that he can't,
so you cut through him
night after night,
searching for an exit.
4.sometimes death scares you.
you remind yourself that
everything ends,
no matter how much you want
an infin
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 293 113
we are by MartaSyrko we are :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 558 38
you should never
love a poet, do not trust
them with your
heart - love may be
their language, but
they are always best at
:iconkhaimin:Khaimin 60 26
What was left of him... by AriCaFoix What was left of him... :iconaricafoix:AriCaFoix 528 54 feeling's_gone. by Lady2 feeling's_gone. :iconlady2:Lady2 4,126 125
Confession~ A Poem
I really really like you, 
But you don't feel the same, 
I'm finally truly tired, 
Of playing this little game 
You seem to forget, 
That I'm also your friend, 
But it seems that too, 
Has come to an end 
It's time I confess, 
Everything to you, 
This time I wouldn't lie, 
It'll be genuinely true 
I hate your girlfriend, 
She's really such a bore, 
I really wonder what, 
Your dating her for 
You kept me up all those nights, 
For nothing at all, 
Instead you just let me drown, 
Instead you let me fall 
You put me in such pain, 
And you put me in such sorrow, 
It's time that I finally live, 
A fresh, new tomorrow 
It's time for me to let you go, 
It's time for you to cry, 
About all your problems alone, 
Until your tears are dry 
It's time for me to stop caring, 
It's time for me to move, 
No more "if being good enough for you", 
Is so
:iconlightbleueyes:lightbleueyes 56 35
How to love a girl who can't love herself.
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 4,695 1,316
There's always fear amidst his joy,
a little voice in the back of his head,
warning him of everything that might go wrong.
Yet, the nightly ghosts and the monsters
who lurk and scratch the floor under her bed,
were just the myths of a man who
wanted an excuse to hold her each night.
He doesn't think like this anymore,
he lies awake and ponders as the shadows
sway in their tribal dance along the walls,
and wholeheartedly hopes, that they
will rip a frustrated scream out of his throat
one that's loud enough to conceal the nagging voice.
"Oh my boy, haven't I warned you?
Love is a sin, don't come near
fairy-tales are only meant for books,
but you dove right in, driven by a foolish need.
You've tasted the bitter end of a blade
roles switched, now you're the monster she fears."

"She says your smile is beautiful,
like a sun shining so bright, a strength through your pain,
yet she fails to see the poisonous thorns
you nurtured with treason and grudge.
She doesn't know
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 39 57
I love the way life leaves its mark on our bodies.
Every laugh and smile etched in the crinkles around your eyes and mouth;
Those tan-lines the time you forgot about sunscreen
Because you were so hell-bent on reaching that mountain peak
Or when you just became lost in the gentle lap of waves at the shore;
The scars you got skateboarding in the park at summer dusk
Or when life became pain and it was your only release.
Our bodies are a record of our memories and experiences
They are our travel journals and emotional diaries
Our delicate armour to the elements.
And no matter its colour, its stature, if it's not quite intact
If you sometimes think it takes up too much space, or if it has pointy corners
Your body is the vessel for your soul, and every wonderful facet of who you are
Sparkles from the surface of your skin.
Skin that may grow to be wrinkled, tanned, scarred, well lived-in
Although not always embraced by you the way that others embrace it.
But do.
Take the time to explore the s
:iconkezzi-rose:Kezzi-Rose 589 143
Lake Deer (Commission) by Euminee Lake Deer (Commission) :iconeuminee:Euminee 667 80
with love
sleepwalking with stars
like bulletwounds, tonight
is for wandering and
loving people I’ve never met.
I have a hole in my heart for
the boy on my bus who balances
the world on his chin as he sleeps.
I’m drawn to a sunshine girl leaking
beams every time she opens her
mouth to smile. and still, I follow
a boy who walks across clouds;
I want to ask him to send me up
like a balloon.
ways I need to be loved:
a hand heavy on my hip to remind me
gravity is more than an ideal, a
soft kiss to bring me back from
other galaxies, a calm whisper
when I’ve run out of words
but the silence is too
I’m severely broken up,
fragments of words and
heartscraps and sky-pieces;
crawling backwards through
open windows trying to find
a home. I’m trying but
I was untaught how to
function, I’m trying to
be correct. I’m trying to
be normal. I’m trying to
be correct. I’m trying.
words I need to hear:
I Love You. i love you
i love you i lov
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 98 46



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